• Emboss Look 3D

      Embossed 3D-Look Style is special printing techniques for three-dimensional image on a metalized paper. Its finished product has an excellent image just like the printed of Embossed 3D-Look Styles deeply on the surface of packaging. It suits for luxury and elegant packaging such as luxury gift boxes in Various Festival Events, Chocolate Boxes, Cosmetic Boxes, Perfume Boxes, and etc.

  • Emboss Look

      Special Coating Technique is one of the methods for a perfect texture in the specific area. It suits for the premium products and special gifts plus it has produced on metalized paper with gloss embossing look. The products look more valuable, attractive and fabulous.

  • Scent Packaging

      Packaging with Smelling Products: Scratch & Sniff Technical Printing, Consumer can smell its fragrance after rubbing the area of the coated aroma to involve the perception of the product. There are many fragrance categories examples fruits, floral notes, spices or herbs and a lot more in order to make these products more specific, exotic and in the groove

  • Blister Pad

      Hot Stamping Foil to be applied and to highlight the specific area on surface of packaging for a quality finished product particularly or to add more attractive high valuable products such as premium products and special gifts. There are various colors of foil such as blue, pink, silver, gold or other colors which will be selected for suitable graphics and its design packaging

  • Foil Hot stamping

      Blister Card Coating usually to be used and be molded in combination with plastic by heat. Plastic molded or Thermoformed Plastic to be transformed easily base on the shape of the product. Blister card is suitable for small product which is visible such as consumer’s product, electronics parts, stationery and etc.

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